Geordie Shore
Geordiene er tilbake! Gjør dere klare for enda mer festing, sjekking, klining og drikking til man er dritings!

Om Geordie Shore Sesong 19

Our favourite Geordie Lads 'n' Lasses are back! But this time, Anna's shaking things up and throwing 4 newbies in the mix. Scotty-T's still Anna's right-hand man and has to keep the Radgies in check. Nathan's split up with his Boyfriend of 4 years and needs the support of the family more than ever. Sam and Chloe face the real prospect of breaking up for good. Sophie has met the love of her life but how will this effect the family? And Holly, well, she's still part time - whatever that means! Newbies Bethan, Tahlia, Beau and Nat do their best to fit in, get mortal and live their best lives. But the Oldies are always on hand to show them how to party hard! It's Geordie Shore as we know and love it but Anna's hired a tour bus for the gang to travel the country in, searching for the best British Party Hot Spots. Buckle up Belfast and Cardiff - the Geordie's are coming and it's gonna be pure belter!