Get to know: Dagny

We talked to rising star Dagny about inspiration, getting starstruck and the biggest moment of her career so far.

She's inspired Katy Perry and earned praise from Billboard – Dagny Norvoll Sandvik from Tromsø is one of Scandinavia's biggest up and coming pop stars.

Dagny's career took a huge leap in 2015 when her single 'Backbeat' premiered on Beats 1 with Zane Lowe.

The single racked up half a million streams in just a week and an acoustic version of the song was featured in an episode of the American hit show Grey's Anatomy.

Since her debut, Dagny has released several bangers and proved she's a force to be reckoned with. She co-wrote Katy Perry's song 'Never Really Over' and has collaborated with Steve Aoki on the single 'Hit Your Heart'.

On Friday May 22nd Dagny is finally dropping Side A of her long awaited debut album 'Strangers / Lovers'.

'Somebody' is one of the singles from the new album and it's a dancefloor-ready hit we'll be playing on repeat all summer long.

Check out our interview with Dagny below.

Hey Dagny, what are you up to today?
Hello! Right now I’m actually at home in Tromsø. We were meant to play a show here this weekend, but it got cancelled because of Covid-19 unfortunately. I still ended up going and it’s been great to be back home, even just for a few days.

How would you describe your music?
I would describe my music as melodic, energetic pop music with a slight throwback sound to it. That sounds about right, doesn’t it?

Where do you find inspiration for your songs?
I’m definitely at my most creative when I’m in love. But that doens’t happen thaaaat often. So I take inspiration from reflecting back on things that have been. From observing things that are going on around me. From my imagination. Sometimes just from conversations we have in the studio before we dive into writing.

What has been the biggest moment of your career so far?
That a tough question, there’s been many highlights. I guess I’m gonna have to say when I released 'Backbeat' which was the first single I released. I basically did it by myself with my mates and we had no ideas what kind of craziness it was gonna stir up. It was definitely a 'before Backbeat' and "after Backbeat" kinda moment.

Have you met an artist that made you completely starstruck?
Haha, I don’t really get starstruck when I meet other artists, not matter how big they are or how much I love their music. BUT I had quite a funny interaction with Nick Cave at an airport once - and that was one of the few times I actually kinda bragged about it afterwards. He just looked so damn cool. He’s a total rockstar.

What is the most unexpected song you have on your playlist?
The entire Keane collection perhaps? I’m a sucker for melodic pop like that. Whenever I plug my phone into a car and the music automatically starts playing, it’s always 'Everybody’s Changing' that comes on first. And then we have a full blown sing along to it.

What does the rest of your 2020 look like?
Well, that is kinda an interesting question. Luckily I’m releasing my album as planned. But Corona kinda put a stopper to a lot of 2020 for us musicians in terms of touring, which we had planned to do quite a lot of. So, I might just start writing on album two...(and call it 'Isolation'?).