Fans Have Found Harry Styles' Lookalike

The resemblance is uncanny...

Do you have a massive crush on Harry Styles? Well, you should probably drive to your nearest Starbucks.

The British star has a doppelganger that is currently working at one of their locations!

A TikTok video that has gone viral shows a group of friends pulling up to the drive-through and are freaking out over how much the employee looks like singer.

One person asks the employee: “Are you Harry Styles?," while another adds, "You look like Harry Styles."

The server, who is wearing a nametag that reads "Sean", smiles and hands them their order.

An investigation is now underway to figure out exactly which Starbucks the footage was taken from. So far though, no luck.

Some fans on Twitter have pointed out that the employee also bears a striking resemblance to Teen Wolf star Dylan O'Brien.

We honestly can't think of a greater compliment than being compared to those two gentleman.

PHOTO: Getty