Get To Know: Lilly Ahlberg

Swedish pop star Lilly Ahlberg talks about her new single 'Hurting' and reveals which artist made her totally starstruck.

Swedish, London-based artist Lilly Ahlberg drops her new single ’Hurting’ today, the second single from her upcoming EP.

Lilly is quickly becoming one of Sweden and UK’s brightest up-and-coming stars.

Since her debut single ’Bad Boys’ in 2018, she’s opened for Andreas Moe, been featured on 'The Moment' with Sonny Fodera, and most recently joined hit producers Sondr (Lenny Kravitz, Ed Sheeran and others) and VIZE on the track 'Kids'.

We talked to Lilly about her new single, which we promise you'll want to play on repeat.

Hi Lilly, what are you up to today?
Hey! This morning I went out for a run. I love that spring is slowly arriving. I think this has been the toughest winter so far. I’m really looking forward to summer. Then I’ve just been chilling at home because of the Corona virus, been cooking and watching lots of Netflix.

How would you describe your music?
My music is quite broad, I think, especially if you listen to the music I haven't released yet. To put a general term on it I would say "dreamy pop". It's important to me that my music is nice for people to listen to and that it makes people feel things.

Where do you find inspiration for your songs?
I’m mostly inspired by the stuff I go through in my life, but I can also take inspiration from friends if they go through something I would like to write about.

What has been the biggest moment of your career so far?
Last summer I was booked for a gig in Ibiza and they flew me and my best friend there for a few days - it was crazy! Before that, I was also on a European tour with Emma Blackery and got to play some very cool venues.

Have you met an artist that made you completely starstruck?
I work extra in a pub, and the other day I stood there behind the bar and Sam Smith suddenly sits down in front of me, says hello and orders a beer. I panicked and ran away. Thought i was tougher than that...

What is the most unexpected song you have on your playlist?
Hmm, that’s a difficult question because I listen to everything. When I look through it now it would probably 'Sweet Thing' by Van Morrison that stands out the most.

Tell us about your new single "Hurting".
It's about the first time I dumped a guy. The whole thing was so confusing to me so I wrote 'Hurting' to sort out all my feelings and thoughts about it.

What does the rest of your 2020 look like?
2020 will be a year of a lot of new music. I'll release an EP soon but it doesn’t stop there. I have a couple of collaborations with other artists coming up, and hopefully some gigs towards the end of the year (if everything with Corona calms down). I’m super excited about this year!

Listen to Lilly Ahlberg’s new single ’Hurting’ here.

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