Meet The Newbies
Sesong 19 E 50 • 03.07.2019
The Geordie's are back on your screens soon, but before that Scotty-T has arranged to catch up with his old pals Chloe & Nathan down the pub and MTV have given him permission to have a look at the upcoming series! Turns out that as Anna's right hand man, Scotty has gathered together FOUR newbies to join the family - and these lot are some of Newcastle's finest. They catch up about how they found filming the forthcoming series. We are offered a look forward to the arrival of the 4 fresh faces and well as a look back at how Chloe, Nathan and Scott first burst through the Geordie doors. In this one off gathering of most of Series 19's squad we meet the new workers: Bethan, Beau, Tahlia and Natalie. We discover that they all have close ties to our existing Geordie's and then we are treated to an exclusive look around the house from the perspective of these fresh radgies. We also get the low down on how it is to make Geordie Shore. All in all a delectable starter ahead of the main course that is series 19.