So I got 5 piercings on holiday.

Now I’m addicted

— Marnie (@marnie) July 4, 2018

Taking to Twitter, Marnie told her followers: "So I got 5 piercings on holiday. Now I’m addicted."

Okay, so annoyingly Marnie hasn't revealed whereabouts on that wonderful bod of hers she's decided to stick a needle through, which has left fans (and us) desperate for answers.

One fan wrote back: "5 babe what have you got done? xx," as another asked: "Nipples?"

We know that Marns had her ears pierced already, but other than that she was pretty piercing free.

But for now it's unknown if she's followed in Chloe Ferry's footsteps and gone for the nips, or if she found five other areas to glam up.

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