When is Geordie Shore season 18 airing?

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You can catch the brand new season of Geordie Shore, starting Sunday November 11th at 22:00, only on MTV.

Who’s heading to the toon this time?

This series is bringing some familiar and unfamiliar faces to the Toon, with Chloe Ferry, Sam Gowland, Sophie Kasaei, Abbie Holborn, Adam Guthrie and Nathan Henry returning, promising certified mortal-ness.

And if you thought it couldn’t get ANY better, James Tindale and Kyle Christie will be making surprise appearances, with Holly Hagan also returning to work part-time. What’s better than that?

Oh, and remember Sophie’s Aussie love Alex Macpherson? He may or may not be jetting across to this side of the world to see her - so could their relationship be more than a summer romance?

THEN, just when you thought that was it, a new Geordie is heading into the house! 18-year-old Faith Mullen is joining the family, and we are pure buzzin’ to see what she gets up to with the radgies!

Has anything changed from the last season?

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In honor of @scottgshore's return as Anna's right-hand man, let's take a look down memory lane at some of his most radge one-liners

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This season Anna has employed THE Scotty T to take over the house as the new boss! Will the lads and lasses finally get their act together? Or are work ethics one thing this gang will never have...

What goes down in episode 1?

New girl Faith rocks up to become a new member of the Geordie gang, will the radgies welcome her with open arms?

Faith goes too hard on her first night and throws up in a cup, she's fitting in with the Geordies perfectly!

Anna introduces the gang to their new boss... Scotty T! Oh, and he's brought some new housemates with him too.

Faith opens up about her connection to God, with Nathan joining her to pray and Chloe asking questions about what the new lass is all about.

Adam tries for a norty neck on with Abbie but she's just NOT feeling it and wants to stay pals.

What's the goss in episode 2?

The radgies head down to OG lad James Tindale’s gym for a catch up and sweat sesh, and it’s safe to say they’ve missed this lad a lot!

Chloe and Faith have a heart-to-heart about her religion and beliefs and Chloe and Sam’s housewarming party. I would take out the heaven line for now

The gang head out for their first work assignment with their new boss Scotty T, and Scott can't keep his hands off of Abbie!

Adam and Abbie are in a competition of who can neck on with someone first. But will Nathan or Sam be the best wingman?

Faith opens up about her not bonding with the girls, and Chloe kicks off when she won't join in on the group dares..

Don't miss the brand new series of Geordie Shore, every Sunday starting from the 11th of November at 22:00 on MTV!