Audrina follows former "Hills" star Audrina Patridge into the next stage of her life and career, introducing viewers to a whole new cast of characters, most importantly her large, outrageous, Orange County family. As the series begins, Audrina finds herself trying to balance the demands of two worlds. On one hand, there is Hollywood and its many golden opportunities in acting, modeling and business. Will she be able to parlay her fame into a career that avoids the varied potential pitfalls of stardom?
    • Audrina #101

      This is MY Reality

      Audrina does her first bikini calendar shoot in sunny Palm Springs. Her parents, Mark and Lynn, meet her for dinner. Audrina and brother Marky go house hunting. Sparks fly as the entire Patridge family gather at the OC house for a family dinner.

    • Audrina #102

      What's in the Box?

      Audrina and Sammy go jewelry shopping with their dad, Mark, for their parents' 26th anniversary. Audrina meets separately with her sisters to plan for their anniversary party.

    • Audrina #103

      Leaps of Faith

      Corey, Audrina's boyfriend, is in town for a short while and Audrina does her best to make time with her busy schedule. Audrina and Lynn have some mother-daughter bonding at Pilates. Audrina plans the perfect Valentine's Day gift for Corey.

    • Audrina #104

      It's Up to You, New York

      Audrina calls and invites Casey to join her and Lynn in NYC. While Audrina goes to meetings and fittings, she sends Lynn and Casey on some NYC adventures. Audrina walks in her first fashion show at the New York Fashion Week.

    • Audrina #105

      The Last Supper

      Audrina, still in NY, is asked to come in for a very special business meeting. Back in LA, Casey spends quality time with her husband Kyle.

    • Audrina #106


      Fallout Audrina meets Lynn for breakfast and tries to mediate family drama. Mark and Lynn look for the perfect anniversary ring.

    • Audrina #107

      Put the Gun Down

      Audrina makes an appearance in Las Vegas and takes Marky along to help send her assistant Michelle off in style. Corey returns to LA. Audrina does a huge shoot with Funny Or Die.

    • Audrina #108

      86 Missed Calls

      Audrina and friends arrive in Palm Beach. Audrina gets some polo lessons and meets Polo star and model, Nic Roldan. Audrina receives an angry phone call from Corey; they have a blow up over the phone.

    • Audrina #109

      Dump His A**

      Audrina and friends attend a Polo match. Nic immediately greets Audrina and they spend the whole day together. Audrina returns to LA for a meeting with Basic Cosmetics. She goes to her dad for relationship advice.

    • Audrina #110

      Smile for the Camera

      Audrina and Corey meet at local bar to talk, things get heated. Audrina and Sammy spend the day together shopping. Audrina distracts Sammy for a big surprise.