The Hills

The Hills follows Laguna Beach's Lauren Conrad as she moves to Los Angeles to attend college at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. In The Hills, Lauren gets a job as an intern at the popular magazine Teen Vogue. The show focuses on the challenges Lauren faces while she is trying to juggle work, school, and relationships.
    • The Hills #601

      Put on a Happy Face

      Heidi's homecoming is ruined when her mother disapproves of her plastic surgery. Kristin and the girls head to Miami for Super Bowl weekend, but the trip goes sour when her hard partying starts to worry Audrina, Lo and Stephanie.

    • The Hills #602

      Rumor Has It

      When rumors start spreading about Kristin's partying, the blame falls on Stephanie. Audrina starts dating a new guy, but that doesn't stop Brody from pursuing her. Spencer gets upset when he runs into Stephanie at Kristin's party.

    • The Hills #603

      The Elephant in the Room

      Heidi throws a party for her neighbor, but it's overshadowed when Spencer gets angry with Holly. Kristin urges Audrina to commit to Ryan, then moves in to get closer to Brody.

    • The Hills #604

      This Is Goodbye

      Heidi and Spencer's behavior cause their friends and family to make a difficult choice. Kristin and Brody hook up but agree to stay single. Ryan disappoints Audrina when he doesn't show for a night out.

    • The Hills #605

      A New Bird

      Brody puts his friendship with Kristin on the line when he starts seeing another girl. Lo sets Stephanie up on a double date. Ryan gives Audrina's friends another chance.

    • The Hills #606

      Ghost from the Past

      Kristin has a hard time moving on from Brody. Audrina bumps in to Justin and starts to have doubts about her relationship with Ryan. Lo befriends Brody's new girlfriend.

    • The Hills #607

      The Company You Keep

      Brody's new love interest makes an enemy of Kristin when she brings an old rival of Kristin's to a party. Ryan comes back from tour, but Audrina doesn't tell him that she saw Justin while he was away.

    • The Hills #608

      Between a Rocker and a Hard Place

      Audrina's relationship with Ryan is put to the test when he meets Justin for the first time. Brody sides with Kristin when Allie picks a fight with her. Stephanie has a disappointing second date.

    • The Hills #609

      Break-Up to Make-Up

      Just as Audrina ends things with Ryan, Justin surprises her on her birthday. McKaela's friend Allie stirs up more trouble with Kristin. Brody gives Justin a piece of his mind.

    • The Hills #610

      Welcome to the Jungle

      On a group surf trip to Costa Rica, Kristin makes Brody jealous by hooking up with a local bartender, Audrina fights her attraction to Justin, and Stephanie finds herself at odds with the jungle environment.

    • The Hills #611

      Loves Me Not

      Kristin has a heart-to-heart with Brody, she wants to give their relationship another shot. Heidi's mother comes to LA, hoping to reconcile with her. Lo and her boyfriend celebrate their anniversary, and Stephanie starts seeing someone new.

    • The Hills #612

      All Good Things...

      Kristin is faced with a big decision that also affects Brody. Audrina ends it with Justin. Lo doesn't know if she's ready to take the next step with her boyfriend and Stephanie believes she has finally found true happiness.