• The Hills #301 | You Know What You Did

      You Know What You Did

      Heidi and Spencer settle into their new apartment while Lauren and Audrina become roommates. Lauren suspects Heidi and Spencer of spreading sex tape rumors about her. The former roomies argue at Frankie's party. Whitney gets a job at Teen Vogue.

    • The Hills #302 | Big Girls Don't Cry

      Big Girls Don't Cry

      Lauren heads to Laguna Beach to get advice from her mother over her recent situation. Audrina meets up with a former fling, Justin. Spencer proposes to Heidi.

    • The Hills #303 | Truth and Time Tells All

      Truth and Time Tells All

      Lauren is not impressed after dinner with Justin. Spencer and Heidi have a disagreement about the apartment.

    • The Hills #304 | Meet the Parents

      Meet the Parents

      Heidi and Spencer travel to Colorado to meet Heidi's parents. Lauren, Lo and Audrina attend Brody's barbecue where Lauren tearfully reflects on her friendship with Heidi and Justin breaks Audrina's heart.

    • The Hills #305 | Rolling with the Enemy

      Rolling with the Enemy

      Spencer severs ties with Brody after learning that he has gotten close to Lauren. To Lauren and Lo's surprise, Audrina gives Justin another chance.

    • The Hills #306 | Second Chances

      Second Chances

      With everything under control in Lauren's life, she gets a call from Jason who wants to catch up. Heidi gets a chance to move up at Bolthouse.

    • The Hills #307 | They Meet Again

      They Meet Again

      Spencer, Heidi, Lauren and Jason come face to face over dinner at Ketchup. Elodie gives Heidi some home truths.

    • The Hills #308 | For Better or Worse

      For Better or Worse

      Jason reveals that he has a new girl and invites Lauren to meet her. To everyone's surprise, the two get engaged. Spencer reveals he hasn't told his parents about the wedding. Whitney is in charge of a Teen Vogue shoot.

    • The Hills #309 | What Happens in Vegas...

      What Happens in Vegas...

      It's Brody's birthday and the gang head to Las Vegas to celebrate. Lauren and Brody share a kiss and the girls get into an argument about Justin. Elodie gets revenge on Heidi by spoiling Heidi's anniversary plans with Spencer.

    • The Hills #310 | What Goes Around...

      What Goes Around...

      Jen Bunney makes a return and makes amends with Lauren. The sex tape drama resurfaces and the blame is put on Brody for allegedly starting it.

    • The Hills #311 | No More Mr. Nice Guy

      No More Mr. Nice Guy

      When Lauren goes on a date with a Teen Vogue model, it leads Brody to question the status of his and Lauren's relationship. Heidi and Spencer argue over her work commitments.

    • The Hills #312 | Stress and the City

      Stress and the City

      Ahead of the Young Hollywood event, Whitney and Lauren head to New York where Lauren assists Marc Jacobs and Whitney presents her ideas at an official meeting. Spencer is eager to smooth things over with Brody.

    • The Hills #313 | Young Hollywood

      Young Hollywood

      It is the night of the Young Hollywood party - will it go without a hitch? Heidi and Spencer celebrate her birthday. Hilary Duff guest stars.

    • The Hills #314 | Forgive and Forget

      Forgive and Forget

      Lauren and Heidi have another confrontation at the Declare Yourself event. Heidi then tries to make amends but Lauren rejects her. Audrina and Justin struggle in their 'relationship'.

    • The Hills #315 | With this Ring

      With this Ring

      Heidi and Spencer constantly fight about their wedding as Spencer just wants to elope. Whitney goes on a date with a trainer.

    • The Hills #316 | A Night at the Opera

      A Night at the Opera

      It is a drama-filled night at Opera nightclub. Spencer's sister Stephanie comes to town and has a fiery confrontation with Lauren. Audrina catches Justin with another girl and it looks like the end, yet again.

    • The Hills #317 | Once a Player

      Once a Player

      Stephanie tells Spencer that Heidi might not be ready for a wedding. Audrina goes on a date with an Australian guy and brings him to Lauren's Halloween party. Lauren and Brody's relationship is still in question.

    • The Hills #318 | When One Door Closes...

      When One Door Closes...

      The first half of the season comes to a close as Lauren gets the chance to go with Whitney to Paris for the Crillon ball, which means putting a possible relationship with Brody on hold. Heidi leaves Spencer and the two go on a break.

    • The Hills #319 | Paris Changes Everything

      Paris Changes Everything

      Lauren and Whitney work together in Paris for the Crillon Ball. Lauren gets news that Brody has found a girlfriend. Spencer follows Heidi to Colorado to win her back.

    • The Hills #320 | Back to LA

      Back to LA

      Lauren and Whitney return to LA. Whitney decides it's time to leave Teen Vogue. Heidi and Spencer go on a break and Spencer moves in with Stephanie.

    • The Hills #321 | An Unexpected Friend

      An Unexpected Friend

      Whitney has her first assignment with People's Revolution. Lauren learns that Stephanie is in her class at FIDM and they strike up a friendship, much to Audrina and Lo's surprise.

    • The Hills #322 | When Spencer Finds Out

      When Spencer Finds Out

      Stephanie comes to Lauren's birthday party at a club where Heidi's co-worker is at the door. When Heidi and Spencer learn of this, Stephanie gets caught in the middle of Lauren and Heidi's feud.

    • The Hills #323 | Just Be Careful...

      Just Be Careful...

      Whitney continues to impress Kelly Cutrone at People's Revolution and gets help from Lauren. Heidi turns to Audrina, to Lauren's anger.

    • The Hills #324 | Girls Night Out

      Girls Night Out

      Heidi, Audrina and Stephanie go on a girls night out where Heidi and Spencer have a confrontation. Lauren is offered a job at People's Revolution.

    • The Hills #325 | A New Roommate

      A New Roommate

      Lauren and Lo consider moving into a house together with Audrina. Heidi and Lauren have another encounter. Audrina seems ready to reunite with Justin.

    • The Hills #326 | A Date with the Past

      A Date with the Past

      It's the night of the housewarming party and Lauren's old friend, Stephen, is invited, causing her to reminisce about their past. Stephanie is torn between her loyalty to Heidi and her friendship with Lauren.

    • The Hills #327 | No Place Like Home

      No Place Like Home

      Audrina begins to feel left out at home because of Lo and Lauren's friendship. Heidi is ready for the next step at work, which would mean leaving Spencer. Stephanie stands up to Spencer and kicks him out of her apartment.

    • The Hills #328 | The Next Move is Yours

      The Next Move is Yours

      Tension continues to grow at Lauren's house and she confronts Audrina about it. Spencer chases Heidi to Las Vegas and puts her career at risk.