MTV's show, "MADE," is all about making dreams come true. We want to prove that with hard work (and a little help from MTV) any goal is attainable. There are plenty of young people out there with unlimited potential, yet they have something keeping them from pursuing their dreams. Maybe they're too sh, or lack the self-confidence; maybe they don't think they're "cool" enough, or have the right "look"; or perhaps they have been told they lack the skills. Once MTV finds our "subject", we provide at least one month of intensive training towards this goal. We will also provide a "mentor" or "life coach", a professional who will plot out a training schedule for them. This could include: working on confidence or attitude, personal training sessions, a physical makeover - whatever will give our "subject" the best chance to make their dream come true. Whether our chosen candidates succeed at their goals or not, MADE's message is that it is better to try and be unsuccessful than not to have tried at all. Hopefully our subjects will learn things about themselves along the way, and the next time around, they will not be afraid to go after what they want.