Million Dollar Baby

    • Million Dollar Baby #101


      Can a baby become a millionaire before starting school? Determined Mum Lateysha Grace attempts to use the powers of social media and launches her own children's range to do just that.

    • Million Dollar Baby #102


      Can Lateysha Grace make her daughter a millionaire before she starts school? Using social media she intends to do just that but first she has to change her own image from trashy to classy.

    • Million Dollar Baby #103


      On her mission to turn her baby daughter Wynter into a millionaire, Lateysha tries to make her mark on the high street and Wynter gets her first big break in a music video.

    • Million Dollar Baby #104


      Lateysha finally hires her first member of staff at Baby On Trend but when tensions reach boiling point at the UK's biggest baby show her million dollar mission is put in jeopardy.

    • Million Dollar Baby #105


      Lateysha tries to capitalise on Black Friday in her attempt to make daughter Wynter a millionaire and she falls to pieces when asked to speak on a panel of successful business women.

    • Million Dollar Baby #106


      Lateysha sets her sights on having Wynter on billboards across the land and she hatches an ambitious plan to try and make Wynter the face of a high street fashion brand.

    • Million Dollar Baby #108


      In the series finale Lateysha and Wynter discover just how close they are to their million-pound target and the celebrations continue with a huge christening for Wynter.