Teen Mom UK

Hot on the heels of the US TV hit 'Teen Mom' comes the much anticipated Teen Mom UK, an access-all-areas documentary series following the highs, lows, lives and loves of five feisty Brit girls.
    • Teen Mom UK #401


      Surprise new arrival in brand new Teen Mom. Emotions run higher than ever for Amber, Chloe has a Mother's day from hell, Sassi and Darren try and repair a broken relationship while Dylan's friendship with another girl has tipped Megan over the edge.

    • Teen Mom UK #402


      Emotions run high for Sassi as she attends anger management. Ste hits a low point as he upsets both Amber and Kirsty. New girl Shannon decides to rekindle her romance with Charlie and Chloe and Jordan welcome a new addition.

    • Teen Mom UK #403


      Sassi tries to stay calm on a romantic getaway to Amsterdam.  Amber gives Ste the cold shoulder. Sleep deprived Chloe questions if getting a puppy was a good idea. Shannon resists her GCSEs but gets bogged down with tantrums rather than textbooks

    • Teen Mom UK #404


      Sassi is a woman on a mission as she starts her new job.Shannon heads to the seaside where Charlie's wandering eye threatens to derail their family holiday. Chloe changes colour and has a change of heart while Ste lays his heart on the line to Amber​​

    • Teen Mom UK #405


      Fresh start for Sassi as she moves into her dream home with Darren. Big week for Amber as she meets a new man. Chloe and Jordan try and freshen up their relationship with time together while a stressed out Shannon is desperate for time on her own​

    • Teen Mom UK #406


      Holidays from heaven and hell on Teen Mom UK. Shannon and Charlie come to blows in Spain and Amber fly's high in Benidorm. Sassi misses home in Ayia Napa leaving Darren to Daddy duties at a beauty pageant. Chloe's relationship reaches breaking point​

    • Teen Mom UK #407


      Jordan pulls it out of the bag giving Chloe the Birthday surprise of her life! Shannon and Charlie decide to go their separate ways. Sassi connects to her faith and gets a lot off her chest. Amber enjoys her Birthday with Ste but it ends in tears

    • Teen Mom UK #408


      Series finale. Jordan whisks Chloe away to Paris for a big portion of romance and snails! Shannon has a pregnancy shock. Big day for Sassi as she walks down the aisle to make her first Holy Communion. Amber comes to a decision about Ste.