Teen Mom UK

Hot on the heels of the US TV hit 'Teen Mom' comes the much anticipated Teen Mom UK, an access-all-areas documentary series following the highs, lows, lives and loves of five feisty Brit girls.
    • Teen Mom UK #301

      Welcome to the world Teen Mom UK series 3. Join our favourite five feisty Brit teen mums for access all areas into their worlds of toddlers, tiffs, tapas and tough love!

    • Teen Mom UK #302

      Fireworks tonight as Amber decides she loves Ste, Erin stays the night at Manley's, Sassi hates single life, Megan tries to fix her family feud and Chloe and Jordan argue about nursery

    • Teen Mom UK #303

      It’s all kicking off as Chloe loses it with Jordan, Sassi breaks down over Darren, Amber’s confession backfires, Megan’s in a bad place and Mia has something to say to Manley’s mum

    • Teen Mom UK #304

      Expect fireworks as Sassi sparkles on the catwalk, Amber tries to dazzle Ste, Megan’s lost her spark, Mia launches her single life and Chloe gives Jordan a rocket!

    • Teen Mom UK #305

      It's tears, fears and changing gears!  Sassi drives her mum to distraction, Chloe's dream home gives her nightmares, Megan and Mia go it alone and Amber and Ste get cozy, but 3 is a crowd...

    • Teen Mom UK #306

      Big changes all round, a new home for Chloe & Jordan, new love interests for Mia and Sassi, a change of plans for Megan and Amber awaits some life changing news...

    • Teen Mom UK #307

      It's paaarty time!  Sassi plans a big birthday bash, Chloe pays the price of partying, the party's over for Mia and Amber and Megan's family get together, but they're not in the party mood...

    • Teen Mom UK #308

      Series finale - Chloe & Jordan throw their first party, Mia & Amber make a fresh start, Megan suspects Dylan is hiding something and Sassi goes all out to win back her man!