Teen Mom UK

Hot on the heels of the US TV hit 'Teen Mom' comes the much anticipated Teen Mom UK, an access-all-areas documentary series following the highs, lows, lives and loves of five feisty Brit girls.
    • Teen Mom UK #101


      In brand new Teen Mom UK, meet five feisty Brit girls as they juggle babies, boyfriends, careers and broken hearts. It’s a roller coaster ride of highs, lows, love and let downs.

    • Teen Mom UK #102


      Tears, tiffs and true love in Teen Mom UK. Mia has a baby; Megan makes a decision and Amber rows with Ste over the christening. Naomi has a showdown and Chloe’s worried about her weight.

    • Teen Mom UK #103


      In Episode 3 of new Teen Mom UK: Amber goes dating, Mia struggles with night feeds, Chloe takes Marley to modelling, Dylan buys Megan a horse and love is on the rocks for Naomi and Raphael.

    • Teen Mom UK #104


      Chloe turns 18 but rows with Jordan her big night out. Megan and Dylan go to Spain to put their troubles behind them. Mia confronts Maggie, Naomi quizzes Raphael, and Amber and Ste host Brooklyn's Christening but there are tears.

    • Teen Mom UK #105


      Chloe and Jordan go to Spain - but love stays at home. Amber rows with Ste, Mia spends Father’s Day in a huff, Dylan hates Megan’s 18th birthday outfit and Naomi gives Raphael an ultimatum.

    • Teen Mom UK #106


      More drama in Episode 6. Mia has a faceoff with Erin; Amber and Ste try counselling; Chloe and Jordan take a break; Naomi dumps Raphael and Megan and Dylan’s engagement party ends in tears.

    • Teen Mom UK #107


      Megan wants a new baby, Mia has her first night out since Marliya was born and Chloe takes Jordan back. Naomi's mad when an unexpected guest shows up at Kya's party and Amber plans her future.

    • Teen Mom UK #108


      Megan drops a baby bombshell on Dylan, Naomi moves on from Raphael and meets a new man, Chloe and Jordan go house hunting, Mia sets her mind on marriage and Ste tells Amber he's found love.