Disaster Date

Sick of seeing your buddy brag about all the girls he supposedly dates? Is your bestie a gold digger? Does your friend deserve to be taught a lesson? MTV is here to help you pull off the best prank ever! We are going to set up your friend or family member on MTV's new hidden camera show! Your friend is about to embark on the worst date imaginable, and you'll be watching from behind the scenes, making sure the date is a perfect DISASTER! Unsuspecting singles end up on the worst blind date of their lives, and it all comes courtesy of a best friend who is out for revenge. The best friend sets up an unwitting friend with one of our comedic actors, and arms the actor with info on everything the dater hates. Then the actor goes to work pushing all of the dater's buttons and turning their romantic evening into one big smoking-hot mess. Each blind date lasts 60 minutes unless the dater has had enough and decides to bail. But humiliation has a price, as the dater earns a dollar for every minute they stay on the date.