Disaster Date

Sick of seeing your buddy brag about all the girls he supposedly dates? Is your bestie a gold digger? Does your friend deserve to be taught a lesson? MTV is here to help you pull off the best prank ever! We are going to set up your friend or family member on MTV's new hidden camera show! Your friend is about to embark on the worst date imaginable, and you'll be watching from behind the scenes, making sure the date is a perfect DISASTER! Unsuspecting singles end up on the worst blind date of their lives, and it all comes courtesy of a best friend who is out for revenge. The best friend sets up an unwitting friend with one of our comedic actors, and arms the actor with info on everything the dater hates. Then the actor goes to work pushing all of the dater's buttons and turning their romantic evening into one big smoking-hot mess. Each blind date lasts 60 minutes unless the dater has had enough and decides to bail. But humiliation has a price, as the dater earns a dollar for every minute they stay on the date.
    • Disaster Date #401

      Bewitched, Shady Shyster, Jersey Jerk, DTF?

      Anthony dates a real witch, Heidi is set up with a ticket scalper, and then Deena Nicole gets pranked by Pauly D!

    • Disaster Date #402

      Vain Vixen, Broke Joke, Burning Man Playing With Fire

      Kelly goes on a super hot date, Clinton is set up with a makeup-obsessed vixen, and Shelley meets a cheap jokester.

    • Disaster Date #403

      Holy Roller, Self-Absorbed Jerk, Loudmouth, Did You Fart?

      Byron goes out with an obnoxious shouter, Alex meets a holy roller, and Maia gets set up with a self-absorbed jerk.

    • Disaster Date #404

      The Hyperventilator, No-Class Diva, The Exterminator, Bug Bomb

      Kevin gets left with the dinner check and a hungry baby, Lauren casts an intense love spell on her date, and Jonice meets an old-fashioned guy who's ready for marriage.

    • Disaster Date #405

      Miss Remember, BFFs, Rage-oholic, Walking On Broken Glass

      Christina gets fixed up with a violent rage-oholic, Alex meets a girl with a terrible memory, and Fernando becomes third wheel on his own date.

    • Disaster Date #406

      Metro Filmmaker, Club Stud, TMI-Girl, This Is My Twin

      Lauren’s date wants to cast her in an adult film, Christina’s date wants her to become a go-go dancer and Grady’s date doesn’t hold back with her personal lady problems.

    • Disaster Date #407

      The First Date, Fashion Nightmare, Blackout Betsy, Pay And Bail

      Former Hellogoodbye bandmate Aaron goes out with a wild party animal, Louis takes an excited girl out on her first date, and Ronnie meets a stuck-up fashionista.

    • Disaster Date #408

      Frat Brat, The Text-pert, The Ex Battle, Public Blow Out

      Vivian goes on a date with a vulgar jerk, George has lunch with a girl obsessed with texting, and Kevin and Kate go on the double date from hell.

    • Disaster Date #409

      Lipstick Thespian, Asian-Obsessed, The Catfighter, The Fight Begins

      Alec breaks up a fight between his date and some ladies from 'The Jersey Shore,' Steven goes on a date with a crazy drama queen, and Lisa meets a guy who's obsessed with Asian culture.

    • Disaster Date #410

      Amish Bad Boy, Rudey Fruity, Tweedle Dumb And Tweedle Dumber, We Want Zach

      Jason and Zach go on a disastrous double date, Jenn gets set up with an Amish guy, and Bronte meets a rude-o, pseudo intellectual.

    • Disaster Date #411

      Dumb Cheerleader, The Biggest Gainer, David Blame, Death Defying Dud

      Becca goes on a trick-y date with a nervous magician, Dom meets a bubbly cheerleader, and Joe gets a tough lesson in feminism.

    • Disaster Date #412

      Surprise Cheater, Re-Arranged Marriage, The Wetnurse Baby Drop

      Lauren goes on a date with a cheater, Jonice’s date is controlled by his parents and Kevin goes out with an irresponsible wetnurse!

    • Disaster Date #413

      Giggly Nerd, Mean Queen, Laundroman, Princess Miyamoshi

      Rebecca spends a night separating her lights and darks with a laundroman, Sahand meets the ultimate geek, and Matt goes out with a mean queen.

    • Disaster Date #414

      Childish Prankster, Lottery Loser, Nature Girl, Bear Attack

      Nick goes on an unbearable disaster date with a nature lover, Kiersten meets an immature prankster, and Helena gets propositioned by a lottery-winning loser.

    • Disaster Date #415

      Dating Novice America's Worst Dance Crew, The Hottie And The Nottie, Stage Five Clinger

      James and David go on a disastrous double date, Jennifer meets a wallflower, and Ashley gets a front row seat to a performance by a one-man dance crew.

    • Disaster Date #416

      Opinionated Loudmouth, Potty Mouth, Apologetic Wimp, Cry Baby

      Allan gets set up with an overly opinionated guy, Grant dates a girl who thinks she’s too fat and The Hard Times of R.J. Berger start Jayson Blair sets up his friend Tai with an apologetic wimp!

    • Disaster Date #417

      Migraine Girl, Slob Daddy, Mozzletoff, Disneyland In Jerusalem

      Jordan fakes his Jewish heritage to protect his date, Paul’s date gets a migraine and can’t handle any loud noises, and Kristen’s date turns out to be a slob with kids.

    • Disaster Date #418

      To Catch A Disaster Dater, Shock Jock, Bickering Bros, Double Hookup

      Oliver dates an underaged girl and pays the price, Alexus goes out with a cocky ex-football star, and Abby and Mimi double date a pair of bickering brothers.

    • Disaster Date #419

      Sketchy Artist, Glee Club Geek, Metal Band, This Place Is About To Blow

      Crystal gets set up with a sketchy artist, Dora dates a glee club nerd, and Pilar hangs out with the lead singer of a lame metal band.

    • Disaster Date #420

      Big Game Hunter, Disaster Speed Dating, Vinnie The Bad Waiter GTLF

      Carli the vegetarian finds herself in the middle of a hunting society house party, Dillon fails at speed dating and the bad waiter on Jake’s date looks like Jersey Shore’s Vinny.