• MTV’s 16 and Pregnant #201 | Jennelle


      North Carolina beach bunny Jennelle, who loves partying, realizes her long-distance boyfriend isn't coming back, and that she's too immature to raise a baby herself.

    • MTV’s 16 and Pregnant #202 | Nikkole


      Nikki is half prankster, half princess and her posse of friends adore her but hate her disrespectful, trouble-making boyfriend Josh. Can she convince her friends and family that Josh is worthy of being a father to their son?

    • MTV’s 16 and Pregnant #203 | Valerie


      Adopted in to a family of 11 kids, Valerie is striving to give her baby the family she never had. Confronted with a boyfriend that denies he’s the father, she endures a perilous labor and nearly loses her baby.

    • MTV’s 16 and Pregnant #204 | Chelsea


      Popular daddy's girl Chelsea is caught up with her school life and fighting with her boyfriend Adam. She thinks things will go back to normal after she gives birth, but instead learns that she can choose her daughter above everything else.

    • MTV’s 16 and Pregnant #205 | Lori


      Lori's parents want her to choose adoption, but being adopted herself, Lori doesn't want her baby to be haunted by all that's haunted her. With an ex-boyfriend who is unreliable, she eventually realizes that she may have no other options.

    • MTV’s 16 and Pregnant #206 | Samantha


      Samantha is a cute, bubbly 'good girl' who never misses a homework assignment but devastates her family when she follows in her mother's footsteps and becomes a teen mom.

    • MTV’s 16 and Pregnant #207 | Nicole


      Nicole is dating a 15-year-old. Although they are very in love, not everyone in the family is supportive and they both have a lot of growing up to do.

    • MTV’s 16 and Pregnant #208 | Leah


      West Virginian cheerleader Leah is having twins with a boy she'd only been dating for a month. And if that wasn't already hard enough, she develops health complications that put the babies' lives at risk.

    • MTV’s 16 and Pregnant #209 | Lizzie


      Lizzie's two passions, music and her boyfriend Skylar, are the only things that keep her going when she gets pregnant and drops out of high school. When she discovers he hasn't always been faithful, Lizzie's world looks a lot less perfect.

    • MTV’s 16 and Pregnant #210 | Kailyn


      Kailyn's mom pursues her dreams by going to college and leaves her pregnant daughter to move in with her immature boyfriend of four months and his family. Lost, she reaches out to the father she's never known to figure out where she belongs.

    • MTV’s 16 and Pregnant #211 | Brooke


      Brooke and her boyfriend Cody are married by the time her baby boy Brody arrives in January 2010. Still, she feels motherhood is way more than she can handle.

    • MTV’s 16 and Pregnant #212 | Felicia


      Felicia, a senior from Lewisville, Texas, is the only one in her family with the chance to graduate. Her boyfriend Alex and her mother, Reina, do not get along. Alex begins to spend less time with Felicia by the time daughter Genesis is born.

    • MTV’s 16 and Pregnant #213 | Emily


      Emily, a junior from Hayden, Alabama, moves in with her dad and step-mom after being kicked out by her mother for getting pregnant. Boyfriend Daniel plans to marry her, so she and baby Liam can come to college with him.

    • MTV’s 16 and Pregnant #214 | Markai


      Markai, a senior from Riverview, Florida, and her unfaithful boyfriend James take care of their baby Za'Karia.

    • MTV’s 16 and Pregnant #215 | Aubrey


      17-year-old Aubrey is from Prescott Valley, Arizona. Her boyfriend, Brandon, wants her to be a housewife and stay home to raise the baby while he works, but she disagrees.

    • MTV’s 16 and Pregnant #216 | Christinna


      17-year-old Christinna, from Huntsville, Alabama, is dating Isiah, the star of the football team. Isiah turns down his college football scholarship and gets a job when he finds out Christinna is pregnant. Destiny Brianna is born December 2009.

    • MTV’s 16 and Pregnant #217 | Kayla


      Kayla is a teen who loves riding horses and competing in beauty pageants. Despite her unplanned pregnancy, both her and boyfriend J.R.'s parents are very supportive. Kayla feels rushed by J.R.'s proposal and is not sure she wants to marry him.

    • MTV’s 16 and Pregnant #218 | Megan


      High school junior Megan is the daughter of a soldier in the US Army. Her sister Moriah is also in the service. Boyfriend Nathan is a video game enthusiast and doesn't make time for much else. Megan wants things to work out with Nathan.

    • MTV’s 16 and Pregnant #219 | Ashley


      Ashley, a senior from McKinney, Texas, has a passion for writing. Boyfriend Justin is out of the picture by the find she finds out she's pregnant. Ashley wants to move to NYC for college and must make a difficult decision.