• MTV’s 16 and Pregnant #101


      Before she found out she was pregnant, Maci was an overachiever from Chattanooga, Tennessee. When her fiancée Ryan takes no interest in helping out, Maci has to figure out if her relationship will survive or if she’s alone in facing these challenges.

    • MTV’s 16 and Pregnant #102


      Farrah is a popular cheerleader from Council Bluffs, Iowa, but when her friends start gossiping about her becoming a single mom, she abandons her high school like and starts spending way too much time with her overbearing mother.

    • MTV’s 16 and Pregnant #103


      Amber is a party girl from Anderson, Indiana. She never imagined she’d spend her senior year moving in with her well-meaning, immature boyfriend Gary. With a baby on the way, the two will have to juggle adult responsibilities on a teen budget.

    • MTV’s 16 and Pregnant #104


      A military brat from Colorado Springs, Ebony is trading in her ROTC uniform for maternity clothes. She and her boyfriend Josh plan to join the Air Force after senior year, but a new baby may keep them from enlisting, and maybe even graduating.

    • MTV’s 16 and Pregnant #105


      Southern belle Whitney from small town Georgia, is the baby of her family. But with her mom pregnant as well, the house gets too crowded too fast, and Whitney and her boyfriend, Weston, must find a way to move out and become a family of their own.

    • MTV’s 16 and Pregnant #106


      From a small town in Michigan, 16-year-old Catelynn is the voice of reason in an otherwise hot-tempered family. With the support of her boyfriend Tyler, she’s taking a big stand and pursuing adoption without the approval of her parents.