Young & Married

Young & Married is a brand new International commission that endorses MTV’s unique quality and ability to shine a light on the sub-cultures of youth. So following in the footsteps of Engaged & Underage, 16 & Pregnant, Teen Mom and Caged, Young & Married tells the story of young people who have fallen in love and have chosen to spend their life together. MTV documents their lives and the challenges of making such a commitment at a young age with honesty, authenticity and respect.
    • Young & Married #101

      Kristen and Ben / Delaina and Shawn

      Ben and Kristen married in secret. Now Ben wants to make things official and arrange a surprise ceremony for Kristen. Delaina and Shawn are planning the wedding of their dreams at a prestigious venue, but there’s a surprise in store for the bride.

    • Young & Married #102

      Oscar and Jordan / Aipril and Mark

      Gay couple Oscar and Jordan worry how their religious moms will react to their plans for a commitment ceremony. Mark is planning to move from the UK to Georgia to join his bride Aipril, who he married two days before his visa ran out.

    • Young & Married #103

      Matt and Missy / Jose and Raphaella

      Missy and Matt’s families are unhappy about their mid-week nuptials. Will any of them make it to the wedding? Raphaella and Jose married a year ago. Their families will meet for the first time at a Thanksgiving dinner, where Jose is planning a surprise.

    • Young & Married #104

      Janill and Vlad / Chris and Aubree

      Chris and Aubree are planning to move in with Aubree’s mom after their wedding, but she and Chris do not get on. High-school sweethearts Janill and Vladimir want to rekindle the romance after being together for 7 years and married for one.

    • Young & Married #105

      Katie and Joe / Salina and Oscar

      Salina and Oscar are getting married in four weeks, but with a baby on the way and exams to study for Salina is feeling the pressure. Katie’s dad refused to give his blessing when she married Joe a year ago. How will it work out when he comes to visit?

    • Young & Married #106

      Aubrey and Callan / Cindy and Nelson

      Aubrey and Callan have a baby on the way. He’s considering a career in the military to help make ends meet, but this could mean long periods away. Nelson hasn’t seen his family since 2010, but will see them earlier than expected thanks to fiancée Cindy.

    • Young & Married #107

      Skyler and Shereen / Allison and Chad

      Gay couple Skyler and Shereen must overcome all kinds of obstacles in the run-up to their special day. Newly married Allison and Chad are trying to make it in New York, but will the bright lights of the city be the making or breaking of them?

    • Young & Married #108

      Lindsey and Stephen / Angela and Wes

      College student Angela is working two jobs to support herself and party animal Wes. Can he clean up his act in time for the wedding? Married life has been complicated for Lindsey and Stephen. They have a plan to inject some adventure into their marriage.

    • Young & Married #109

      Ashley and Preston / Shannon and Cory

      High-school sweethearts Ashley and Preston got married three years ago when Ashley fell pregnant. Now she’s ready to start her career. Shannon and Cory are getting married in four weeks, but may have to live apart if Cory cannot find a job he likes in NY.

    • Young & Married #110

      Elijah and Ashley / Rebecca and Mo

      Rebecca and Mohammed’s daughter arrived just 8 months after they met, which didn’t sit well with their families. Now they are getting married, but with just weeks to go nothing’s been organised. Mo’s family are also upset by their choice of wedding date.