• Catfish: The TV Show #301 | Craig & Zoe

      Craig & Zoe

      Craig met Zoe on Facebook and quickly developed a deep relationship with her. But things turned sour when Zoe began demanding passwords and hacking his accounts. Craig is determined to find out who he really gave his heart to.

    • Catfish: The TV Show #302 | Antwane & Tony

      Antwane & Tony

      Carmen is concerned about her cousin Antwane’s 3-year romance with a man named Tony. Antwane lives a virtually pre-digital age existence making Tony's true identity difficult to reveal. Is Tony really who he says he is?

    • Catfish: The TV Show #303 | Antoinette & Albert

      Antoinette & Albert

      A year after meeting "T-lights" on Instagram, “instaceleb” Antointette is ready to take things to the next level and meet "T-lights", but he always brushes off the idea. Is "T-lights" really the online celebrity he claims to be?

    • Catfish: The TV Show #304 | Lucille & Kidd Cole

      Lucille & Kidd Cole

      Lucille led a simple life until she was asked to work for an up and coming music producer named Kidd Cole. Companies were never paid for their services and one day Kidd couldn't be found. Will Lucille get the answers she needs?

    • Catfish: The TV Show #305 | Tracie & Sammie

      Tracie & Sammie

      Celebrity Tracie Thoms had an emotional connection with a fan named “Sammie” after hearing about the passing of Sammie’s friend. Sammie suddenly disappeared without a trace and now Tracie is left wondering who Sammie really is.

    • Catfish: The TV Show #306 | John & Kelsey

      John & Kelsey

      John is ready to leave Detroit but one thing holds him back: Kelsey. The two have never spoken outside of online chats but John is sure she’s the one. With such a big life change in front of John, can he include Kelsey in plans?

    • Catfish: The TV Show #307 | Solana & Elijah

      Solana & Elijah

      Solana wants to take her relationship with her boyfriend Danny to the next level but she can’t stop thinking about her online love Elijah. His photos were used in so many profiles that Solana has to know is this the real Elijah?

    • Catfish: The TV Show #308 | Miranda & Cameryn

      Miranda & Cameryn

      After years of online chats and late night calls Miranda discovered that Cameryn was not the man he claimed to be. She confronted him only to be given another suspicious profile. Is the man she loves someone else entirely?

    • Catfish: The TV Show #309 | Jeff & Megan

      Jeff & Megan

      After a string of bad luck with women, Jeff believes he has finally found his dream girl Megan. However, Megan is starting to sound off Catfish alarms and Jeff is ready to find out if Megan is who she says she is.

    • Catfish: The TV Show #310 | Bianca & Brogan

      Bianca & Brogan

      The TV Show brings together couples who've interacted solely through LCD screens. Over the course of months they've supposedly fallen in love -- but what will happen when they meet in real life for the first time?