Snooki & Jwoww

“Snooki & Jwoww" follows Jersey Shore BFF’s– Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and Jenni “Jwoww” Farley as they start a new chapter in their lives and take over Jersey City. In this 12-episode series, the real-life besties move in together to take on their next big adventure: Adulthood! Jwoww's romance with Roger is getting serious and only time will tell what the future holds for their relationship. As for Snooki’s future, she’s not only engaged, she’s pregnant! When the two first decided to move in together, they thought it would be a couple of BFF’s living it up in the city. But little did they know what life had in store for them. Now, as two women on the verge of adulthood, they’re having one last hurrah all while navigating the radical changes that life can throw at you. And as Snooki and Jwoww soon discover, with your best friend by your side, there’s nothing you can’t face.
    • Snooki & Jwoww #301

      We're Back Bitches

      Snooki and Jionni are scared to tell Jionni's Mom that they got a shore house for the summer. JWoww tries to salvage her relationship with Roger by trying to get him to go to couples therapy.

    • Snooki & Jwoww #302

      Movin on Up!

      While Jenni tries to train the dogs to become service animals, she also takes a stab at training Roger in couples therapy. Snooki and Jionni pack up to leave the LaValle basement.

    • Snooki & Jwoww #303


      Snooki and JWoww look for a babysitter for Lorenzo. JWoww and Roger surprise Snooki and Jionni when they take them to the haunted Pennhurst Asylum on a double date.

    • Snooki & Jwoww #304


      While the girls are away, the boys will play. Snooki and JWoww head to Atlantic City for a girls weekend leaving the boys to watch Lorenzo. Jionni secretly gets Janis to babysit so the boys can go play paintball.

    • Snooki & Jwoww #305

      I Want a Veil!

      Snooki and JWoww go wedding dress shopping and Nicole finds her dress. JWoww realizes that she may want to get married now.

    • Snooki & Jwoww #306

      Let the Planning Begin!

      Snooki realizes she is in over her head when it comes to wedding planning after visiting wedding venues with Jionni. JWoww and Roger go to an adoption fair hoping to learn more about the process.

    • Snooki & Jwoww #307

      Baby Boot Camp

      Snooki and JWoww put Roger through a baby boot camp with Lorenzo for the night so he can experience taking care of a baby. Jionni and Roger buy a swing set for Lorenzo, but struggle to put it together.

    • Snooki & Jwoww #308

      Oui Can Cook!

      Snooki and JWoww help out at a charity dog wash. Roger and Jionni plan a romantic French dinner for the girls. Snooki takes a DNA test.

    • Snooki & Jwoww #309

      Welcome to the Dude Ranch!

      The gang heads out for a couples weekend at a Dude Ranch. The girls are hoping for a romantic getaway, but instead they get pranked non-stop by Roger and Jionni.

    • Snooki & Jwoww #310

      What a Drag!

      JWoww’s dogs have their final exam to be service dogs. Snooki gets the results of her DNA test. The Gay Joeys come over for a drag party while the boys go out fishing.

    • Snooki & Jwoww #311

      Couples Weekend

      Snooki and JWoww decide to have a couple's weekend with their former Jersey Shore roommates Ron, Sam, and Deena.

    • Snooki & Jwoww #312

      My Baby is Growing Up!

      The summer winds down and Snooki and Jionni throw a pirate themed party for Lorenzo’s first birthday. During Roger and Jenni’s final therapy session, Roger wants to know where JWoww stands on the issue of marriage.