Geordie Shore

Geordie Shore is an English reality show inspired by our American success series, Jersey Shore. This time, the party is in glamorous Newcastle and our MTV cameras catches everything.
    • Geordie Shore #1401


      Oi Oi! The Geordies are back! Big Boss Anna shocks the Squad when she sends in some fresh new workers to join them. The lads are excited but Sophie and Chloe aren’t so sure and things quickly go west on their first night out.​

    • Geordie Shore #1402


      Boss Anna’s plan to find the best new Geordies continues. Aaron and Marty decide to get close to newbies Sarah and Abbie. After her kick-off with Zahida, Chloe gets some big news. And the family is stunned when two more new workers arrive. ​

    • Geordie Shore #1403


      Nathan’s got a plan to test how radge the new workers are. Chloe returns, Marnie and Marty kick off over Aaron and there’s a huge shock when the next newby arrives. Marty reaches out to Chloe who’s having none of it. ​

    • Geordie Shore #1404


      Marty’s plan to win Elettra over with a wicked new hair colour goes west. Marnie’s worried she’s sending out mixed signals to Aaron. And when another new radgie arrives Chloe is all over him. Could he be the one to help her finally get over Marty

    • Geordie Shore #1405


      Marnie’s dead excited when the next arrival turns up until Aaron gets stuck in leaving her with a big decision. Marty’s desperate to step it up with Elettra but Chloe has other ideas. Gaz sets the newbies the ultimate test: a house party​

    • Geordie Shore #1406


      The house is stunned to discover Marnie’s left after Aaron and Chelsea got together. Elettra and Marty boot off over their hot tub frisk and Chloe pushes Marty to breaking point. Gaz has some brutal news for the new radgies.​

    • Geordie Shore #1407


      Boss Anna’s sent the squad on the piste to Tignes in the French Alps. Scotty T’s back and immediately gets stuck into the newbies. And when Anna reveals her latest big decision for the new workers Marty is not happy.​

    • Geordie Shore #1408


      Tignes. It’s proper awks between the newbies. Scotty T and Abbie get closer and Sarah’s not happy. Zahida goes mental at Marty and Gaz gets his revenge on Sam. Marnie’s back and gets properly mortal with big consequences for Aaron.​

    • Geordie Shore #1409


      It’s the Squad’s last days on the piste. After getting swilled by Marnie, Aaron is straight on the pull with wingman Gaz. It’s pure awks between the newbies Abbie and Sarah over Scotty T and things get worse when he tries to crack on with Zahida​

    • Geordie Shore #1410


      The Squad head back to the toon and give the newbies their most brutal initiation yet...sucking Chloe's toe!Zahida and Scotty get closer but will they be able to keep it a secret? Boss Anna has big news when she sends another one packing. ​

    • Geordie Shore #1411


      Marty gets mortal and fancies a blast from the past…his ex Sarah. But will Chloe be cool? Boss Anna drops the biggest bomb yet for the newbies and when Zahida tries to clear the air with Sarah and Abbie things quickly go west and it all kicks off! ​

    • Geordie Shore #1412


      Nathan’s birthday. The Geordies throw a huge house party for Nathan with an extra special cake. And it’s decision time for Boss Anna as she reveals whether Abbie, Sarah or Zahida joins the Geordie family for good. Last in series.​​