• Plain Jane International #301 | Alexis

      Shy Alexis has never been kissed. She wants Louise to help her gain the confidence to tell best friend Ricky how she really feels​.

    • Plain Jane International #302 | Jen

      Little Lifeguard Jen feels invisible. Fashion expert Louise Roe steps in to help her stand out from the crowd​.

    • Plain Jane International #303 | Emily

      Super sporty Emily lives in comfy hoodies and doesn't have the confidence to try new things. Enter Louise Roe to help her take on the world and tell her friend Steve how she feels about him.​

    • Plain Jane International #304 | Nikki

      Nikki is one of the guys - about to join the military, her idea of flirting is a punch on the arm. Enter Louise Roe to help her find her feminine side​.

    • Plain Jane International #305 | Rashida

      Rashida thinks that people don’t take her seriously, but will her make over convince her secret date Sohan that she is all grown up and ready for love.​

    • Plain Jane International #306 | Erin

      Erin is terrified of relationships, but will everything she learns after her week with Louise Roe convince her secret date Alex that she is more than just a flatmate.​

    • Plain Jane International #307 | Laura

      Laura had made some big changes in her life, but will her new look and confidence impress her secret crush Cedric on a date in Malta​.

    • Plain Jane International #308 | Georgie

      Georgie likes being invisible, but after learning some new skills will her new confidence and style convince her secret crush Ben that she’s an attractive girl rather than one of the lads.

    • Plain Jane International #309 | Margie

      Margie doesn’t feel sexy and bold, but after battling with her confidence and learning to fly a trapeze, will she succeed in persuading her old childhood friend Max that there is more to her than just friendship, on a romantic date in southern Italy.​

    • Plain Jane International #310 | Brianna

      Plain Jane Brianna feels trapped in her routine, she needs help from Louise to banish the boredom and go get her crush Joey​.

    • Plain Jane International #311 | Stef

      Plain Jane Stef is stuck in a rut, she needs Louise to help her find the confidence to tell crush Richard how she feels.​

    • Plain Jane International #312 | Sammy

      Sammy has never had a boyfriend, but will her new courage give her the confidence to tell her date how she feels, on a romantic trip to the South of France.​