Drake covers Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" and it's epic

What is going on between those two?

Ever since Taylor Swift was spotted attending Drake's B-Day, rumor has it, that the pair is either teaming up for some music or some romance.

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After seeing the following we don’t even know what to think anymore. I mean who would have thought, that we’d ever see Drake lift some serious weights whilst happily singing along to Taylor Swift's ‘Bad Blood’. But that’s EXACTLY what’s happening right now.

But to say it in Justin's words, ‘What Do You Mean’, Drake? Are you just responding to the Taylor Vs Treadmill Apple ad with your very own version, or are you seriously fangirling over her?

Either or, even Tay herself approves with simply captioning the vid on Insta: ‘YES’:

Monday, 21. November 2016