Whait What! Has Selena Gomez Got Something To Do With Brangelina's Divorce?

Could it really be... like REALLY?

Unless you’ve been living on the moon – or just wanted to ignore the fact that love is officially over – you must have heard of all the Brangelina dramz going on atm as Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from her soon ex-hubby Brad Pitt.

Angelina’s attorney soon confirmed the news by saying: ‘This decision was made for the health of the family. She will not be commenting, and asks that the family be given its privacy at this time.’

Ever since their divorce got official, rumors of course instantly had it, trying to find out the (actual) reason for the pairs split. The official statement is, ‘irreconcilable differences’ …

… one of the unofficial rumors now claims, that Selena Gomez might have some involvement in it all.

Yes, no joke! This rumor is an utter and legit thing.

Apparently it was Selena’s Instagram post of her and Brad ‘discussing The Big Short’ – which they both starred in – at the Golden Globes causing ‘issues’ for Brangelina. Angelina was said of being so angry about reports, that the two had ‘flirted shamelessly’.

The source added that Angelina ‘banned’ Brad from working with Selena again, adding:

Angie warned Brad to cut all ties with Selena, and she’s forbidding him from working with her again.’

Other rumors have now dragged Brad’s ‘Allied’ co-star Marion Cotillard into the mix…

This is all SO confusing. We need answers… ASAP!

Wednesday, 21. September 2016