OMG: Directioners reckon a 1D reunion is on it's way

Rumors keep spreading after new merch & future events drama appears.

Despite being on hiatus, One Direction have just decided to actually release some brand new merch and naturally the Internet, Directioners and us are in complete meltdown ever since.

You ask why? Well, what kind of band, would release new merchandise, without thinking about a comeback? Right? RIGHT!

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But tees aren’t the only thing rocking the Directioner fandom atm, as it’s also been discovered, that there’s now a ‘Future Events’ button, which apparently has been added just recently to the One Direction website.

As in events the boys might be performing at together. As in the hiatus could soon be over. As in as in as in As in COMEBACK???

Obviously the fans were the ones discovering these breaking news in the first place, so here’s an ultimate sum up of their emotions at this point in time:

Tuesday, 20. September 2016