9 celebrities that won't stop gushing about their sex lives

  • 6. Rihanna…on S&M: "Being submissive in the bedroom is really fun. You get to be a little lady, to have somebody be macho and in charge of your s***. That's fun to me. I like to be spanked. Being tied up is fun. I like to keep it spontaneous. Sometimes whips and chains can be overly planned – you gotta stop, get the whip from the drawer downstairs. I'd rather have him use his hands."

  • 2. Lady Gaga on…safe sex: "I have never not had safe sex, I have always asked a guy to be tested and to use protection, which was always my rule. Otherwise you’re playing Russian Roulette."

  • 3. Zac Efron on…switching up location: “You have to explore the space [you have]. I'm a big fan of the kitchen table."

  • 4. Zayn Malik on…lots of sex: "Netflix and chill? Yeah, [Gigi and I] do that a lot. It wasn’t a conscious decision to make [the album] sexual or refer to sex. But I just found out that a lot of situations that I was in were quite sexual situations—all of the time."

  • 5. Russell Brand on… Katy Perry: "When you’re a monk, you’re not allowed to have sex with anyone. When you’re married, it’s one person. That’s one more than a monk. It’s not that different. I’d be having sex thinking, ‘Think of anyone, anyone else.'"

  • 6. Kim Kardashian on…giving: “[I like] giving. I just like to please my [man]. It’s cool when you know someone really well and you know what to do to make them feel good. I like to make him feel good."

  • 7. Megan Fox on… doing it all the time: "I have the libido of a 15-year-old boy. My sex drive is so high. I'd rather have sex with Brian [Austin Green] all the time than leave the house. He doesn't mind."

  • 8. Khloe Kardashian on… fetishes: "I keep a rhinestone whip by the side of my bed. I like 'love bites' as long as they're done kindly – don't make me bleed. I've seen some intense documentaries where people are in cages and s*** like that, which is not for me. If the guy I was dating had a foot fetish, I think I could deal. I guess it depends, though. I don't mind if someone thinks I have pretty feet or wants to massage my feet. I don't even care if you kiss my feet."

  • 8. Ashton Kutcher on… virginity: "It was out in the woods and it was horrible. It was a girl I'd just met who my buddy set me up with. The whole thing lasted like two seconds. It was really awkward. Two years later, I had sex with her again just to show her that the first performance was a fluke and I'd gotten much better."

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    Usually, celebs tend to keep everything bout their social lives mostly private. Especially when it comes to their love lives… BUT sometimes, they seem to get just as excited as everyone else bout their sex life and just can’t stop gushing or even bragging about it…

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    Friday, 16. September 2016