Calvin Harris & Taylor Swift Are Apparently Friendzoning

And we have heavy Instagram proof.

What a dramatic summer it must have been for the exes Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris.

First they break up – it was pretty damn ugly remember? Then Tay's involved with Hiddleswift quite instantlz – with soon breaking up too – and in between it all, there were some real shady tweets and Insta comments going on.

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So when we discovered, that Calvin had actually Insta-hearted one of Taylor's recent Instagram posts, we (and everyone else) naturally jumped to conclusions.

And for the record, it wasn’t just any old or on the reg post, no no… it was the ONE of Tay singing along to Calvin's track This Is What You Came For, which – we all know by now, thanks to Tay herself – she (co)wrote.

Anyway, this brings us to believe, that the exes eventually made up or Harris is simply throwing some mega sarcastic shade…


Wednesday, 14. September 2016