All times Ariana Grande's 'Side To Side' gave us #GymGoals

  • 1. The sneaky Britney moment in the locker room..

  • 2. When your gym crush is doing squats in the warm up zone

  • 4. When you get in the gym and someone is using your favourite bike

  • 5. When you are about to die, look at the stopwatch and realise you've only been going for 36 seconds

  • 6. And while you're a hot mess, everyone else looks ready to hit the club

  • 7. When you realise that not even spending MILLIONS on designer gym gear can help you now

  • 8. When that half up half down style that looked so great in the locker room is actually just a damn pain in the arse

  • 9. When your personal trainer walks in and you don't understand how she's even a real human

  • 11. But when you finally get the rhythm two minutes before the end and this:

  • 12. And when you did it, but you open the door to the sauna as a reward and are confronted by 140 sweat naked gym bods

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    Work, work, work, work out...

    Alright, we get it. It’s probably complete and legit nonsense, to think that we – with our all red and sweaty gym-cry-faces – could possibly have anything in common with those glorious glam spin queens, that are Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj, in their ‘Side To Side’ video (and probably IRL too).

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    But what should we care, ‘cause even the hottest of messes have a few things in common – and here’s the proof.

    Werk. Just werk.

    Tuesday, 30. August 2016