Here's the real reason why Taylor Swift ditched the 2016 VMA's

And it had nothing to do with Kanye!

What a party this years VMA's truly were. From Queen Bey's surprise performance, Kanye's ‘speech’, to Rihanna's medley – this years show was on fire.

But, WTH was Taylor Swift as we surely did miss her annual audience dance moves.

What could have possibly come in between her and the VMA’s? Is it because of Kanye, or the possibility of running into ex Calvin Harris – who did win a price, but wasn’t even there at last.

We kept brainstorming and wondering… but in the end it had nothing to with all of the above.

Tay is just a responsible citizen, who attended her jury duty, like a completely normal human being at a court in Nashville, Tennessee.

Clearly, the ‘Shake It Off’ singer had a very good reason to skip the MTV VMAs, to get a good night’s sleep for her duty on Monday morning.

But Taylor Swift wouldn’t be Taylor Swift, if she hadn’t took numerous selfies with fans, signing autographs or even giving a video shoutout to one of her fan’s family members.

Well, at least the juror’s had a fun day!

Tuesday, 30. August 2016