Everyone thought that Drake wanted to propose to Rihanna

He didn't. But he did lean in for a smooch.

Beware of Drake giving you ALL-THE-FEELS, when seeing him present this years MTV Video Vanguard Award to ‘someone he’s been in love with since he was 22 years old’: Rihanna!

But before Drizzy handed Rih her well deserved Moonman, he also just gave the sweetest, totes aww-worthy speech of ALL times, about his eternal bae.

Besides speech and Drizzy’s sexy tux, everyone and us actually thought aka hoped, that he was about to propose. Bummer, that he didn’t. But he did try to give her a kiss on the mouth, and well, uhm, Rihanna opted for the cheek instead.


Monday, 29. August 2016