OMG: Kanye West Just Surprise-dropped His New 'Fade' Video At The VMAs

See the NSFW video here.

As if being in a ‘cannot-even-handle’ kind of state, about the thought of Kanye West owning FOUR ENTIRE MINUTES, to talk about whatever he wanted isn’t emotionally draining enough. Ye even picked it up a notch at the 2016 VMAs with a move, that no-one expected, but everyone will remember…

Contrary to all of our expectations, It wasn’t Yeezy’s – with sass filled monologue – that broke the internet, just like Kimmy’s behind once did. Nope! it was Ye' new music video ‘Fade’, that pretty much blew up the world wide web (again).

Watch the full speech and Ye’s new ‘Fade’ music video below:

Monday, 29. August 2016