13 Times Khloe Kardashian Proved She Was The Realest

  • 13 Times Khloe Kardashian Was The Realest >>>

  • 1. She eats Ramen.

  • 2. She's self-deprecating.

  • 3. She tells it like it is.

  • 4. She’s not afraid to put Kim in her place.

  • 5. She owns who she is.

  • 6. ALL-THE-TIME.

  • 7. She has standards.

  • 8. She asks the important questions.

  • 9. She teaches life lessons.

  • 10. She’s not afraid to look crazy or dumb.

  • 11. She’s in touch with the millennial world.

  • 12. She encourages others to be who they are.

  • 13. Even Kim knows, Khloe's best... and so does Kourtney.

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    She's just so relatable.

    Wether you love the Kardashians, or you just love making fun of them. Either or, we can all agree, that Khloe’s simply the best of the entire fam.

    No ones realer than Khlo and we even found 13 times she totally nailed it in proving it to us.

    Go Khloe.

    Thursday, 01. September 2016