14 things you probably never knew about penises

  • 14 things you probably never knew about penises, and definitely should >>>

  • 1. Sorry to break this to you, but you can totally break a penis

  • 2. Waking up with an erection in the morning is totally normal

  • 3. There is no link between shoe size and penis length

  • 4. Small penises make for big erections - go Team Small!

  • 5. The average size of a penis is 7.5 – 10cm when flaccid...

  • 6. However big you think the penis is, it's twice that. Half the length of the penis is inside the man's body. When viewed in an MRI picture, an erect penis is shaped like a boomerang.

  • 7. The penis is not a muscle. It's actually more like a sponge that fills up with blood when a man is sexually excited.

  • 8. The average penis will produce 14 gallons of ejaculate in its lifetime

  • 9. It's totally normal for one testicle to hang a little lower than the other. It's to prevent them striking each other when the man is walking.

  • 10. About 30% of men across the world are circumcised

  • 11. Each penis started life as a clitoris in the womb

  • 12. Foetuses can get erections. You heard. In fact, male foetuses can get erections from about 16 weeks old, and baby boys can even be born with erections.

  • 13. The largest penis ever to be medically verified was 34cm long and 16cm in circumference. To put this in perspective, the average vagina is 7.5 – 10cm deep.

  • 14. There is a rare condition known as Diphallia where a person can have two functional penises, and one known as Koro which is the irrational fear on one's penis disappearing

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    Wednesday, 24. August 2016