24 Times Kylie Jenner Gave Us All The Sneaker Feels

  • 25 times Kylie Jenner gave us major sneaker envy >>>

  • With these silver Balenciaga sneaks! There so beautiful we wouldn't actually wanna wear them!

  • The all-white Puma ones... I mean she has her own collection!

  • Despite her own Puma collection she's also rockin' the Rihanna Puma collab.

  • You can never go wrong with some classic black Nike Air Force 1s... NEVER!

  • Full on Pablo merch whilst wearing a pair of Adidas x Yeezy 750 boots.

  • Back at the Puma's again... this time Kylie's wearing the Stampd x Puma Glaze Of Glory Strap collab.

  • Chanel high-tops btw... she also has them in black!

  • Despite the Chanel's she also owns the Surpreme X Air Jordan 5 collab form 20105 in black and white.

  • Who doesn't love a pair of the Commes de Garcons X Converse collab?!

  • The ALL-TIME classic.. the Converse Canvas high-tops in black.

  • These Adidas NMD runner primeknits have been on top of our kick wishlist... if they just wouldn't sell out so quickly

  • DAMN Kylez! Box fresh white Vans!

  • All-grey head to toe... even her Adidas Tubular Defiant sneaks are. That's what we call dedication!

  • And more Chanel... this time with rainbow soles. These shoes are basically made for Instagram, right?!

  • Another day, another pair of Nike Air Jordan 5s, in the metallic silver colorway.

  • The Nike Air Force 1s high-tops are our next sneaker purchase for sure!

  • Kylez is rocking the full adidas look, but her sneaks are Celine - BOOM!

  • Could Ky look any cuter in these Adidas Top Then High Creps? We don't think so!

  • These ones make us so envious it hurts, Kylie and her BFF Anastasia in their coordinating Yeezy Boost 350s. SIGH!

  • Okay! These are boots and not sneaks... but they're Balmain!

  • Everyone loves an Adidas Superstar, even Kylie!

  • We couldn't be more jel of Kyles Minna Parikka bunny sneakers. So cute!

  • Adidas Supertar-Love. Even in all-blue-everything!

  • Going for gold in the Nike Air Max 90 SP... we don't know what we want more, Kylie's kicks or her canapes!

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    Those Chanel rainbow-soles though - SIGH.

    Although Kylie Jenner is regularly benefiting us with so many things (from Lip Kits to Snapchats), her insane sneaker wardrobe is just something we cannot get over… we’re just so seriously envious.

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    I mean, hands down, who hasn’t lost hours and hours of time, whilst simply scrolling down her IG staring at those sneaks?

    In order to loose more (time and senses), here are our fave sneak_styles King Kylie’s worn the past couple of years.

    Friday, 19. August 2016