EOTB 5 | Check Out The New Casts Cheeky Tattoos

  • EOTB 5 | The New Casts Cheeky Tattoos >>>

  • Ashley looks like he's a HUGE fan of Tatts...

  • ...and he likes showing them off!

  • Alex Stewart, is that your ex?

  • You should have given her real roses instead!

  • What's up with these moody tattoos Hawley?

  • Why so gloomy?

  • Nice tatt Joss... but what with the pout!

  • Do you think he can pull of a normal smile?

  • Okay! You can stop showing off your six pack now!

  • We think Bear found his new Halloween mask!


  • Great tatt Liam... but no one can tell the time!

  • Looks a bit like your ex...

  • OUCH Jemma! That looks painful!

  • No one's focusing on the tatt Jemma!

  • Looks like she's enjoying the view...

  • Nice nails Olivia... lolz

  • Sexy tatt Liv...

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    The cast show off their sexy tattoos on Instagram.

    With Ex On The Beach fifth season just around the corner, we can’t even handle our excitement bout all the break ups to make ups and dramz that’s in store for us.

    >>> Watch: Ex On The Beach

    Reason enough to at least sneak peek a bit of the sexy cast and their cheeky tattoos. Check out their sexiest Instagram posts in our picture gallery above.

    Wednesday, 17. August 2016