Drum Roll Please: Rihanna Just Revealed Her Fave Snapchat Filter

Sorry Puppy-Filter!

It’s official peeps: Rihanna has now officially revealed her all time fave Snapchat filter, which instantly makes any of the other filters pretty irrelevant. Sorry puppy tongue, it’s time to move on.

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Now if anyone of you thought, that the sticker face and purple lips one was cute – including Gigi Hadid – you’re totally mistaking, ’cause a truly unexpected one has caught Ri's eyes.

The ‘Work’ singer ‘actually likes’ the oversize bow and heart cheek combo and declared it to ‘the best one’, adding a little dance and sparks to the whole thing. Ok, we know, it’s just an effect of the filter, but this probably happens to Rihanna everywhere she goes.

Wednesday, 17. August 2016