So Kylie Jenner Performed A Little B-Day Twerk On Snapchat

And the internet doesn't know how to feel about it.

If anyone knows how to celebrate their last year as a teenager, then it must be Kylie Jenner.

From pre-birthday partying, presenting herself with basically the most awesomest present, to going full on red-head with then finishing things up with a little B-Day twerk performance on Snapchat. Because why not?

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And while this little twerk may seem like a harmless thing to do, the internet went cray cray in no time, not really knowing whether to like or to entirely be annoyed by that little booty action… naturally taking all of their opinions to Twitter.

Anyway… these are the snaps in question, so that you can form a full and well rounded opinion too.

We say: You do you, B-Day girl!

Thursday, 11. August 2016