Couple Alert: Are Justin Bieber & Sofia Richie Dating?

So many hot girls around the Biebs rn...

Who hasn’t seen all of the pics and vids of Justin Bieber chillin’ with all of these smokin’ hot models in Hawaii last week, has not only been living under a rock, but also missed out on A LOT of naked skin. Plus all of this action has been sparkin’ some rumors on who Justin actually dating rn?

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But apparently, none of last weeks vacay ladies is the lucky girlfriend to be as no one other than Lionel Richie's youngest daughter and model – what else – Sofie Richie should have caught the ‘Sorry’ singers attention.

The rumored couple was recently spottet hanging out at Laguna Beach, watching seals and holding hands, because you know, someone could slip and fall… SAFETY FIRST.

And whilst we’re already super busy shipping Softin (Jusfia?), the pair have actually been friends for a little while now, so unfortunately we can’t be 100% sure they’re legit (yet).

Wednesday, 10. August 2016