11 Reasons Why You Should Unfollow Your Ex On Social Media

  • 1. Out of sight, out of mind…

  • 2. You will tone down the crazy... resisting the habit of drunk tweeting "I MISS YOOSUU", is probably for the best.

  • 3. They'll hopefully tone down theirs too and unfollow you...

  • 4. Your friends will be ecstatic... it's time to get back at doing what you do best, achieving ultimate #squadgoals.

  • 5. You can't stalk their new amazing life without you... ot being able to see any of their pictures after the demise of your relationship is rather handy. Actually P-E-R-F-E-C-T.

  • 6. You can't see if they've joined the gym

  • 7. You don't have to revamp your social media... Once you see your ex living it up on social media, it makes you feel like you have to compete. UNFOLLOW/DELETE/BLOCK.

  • 8. There's no danger of accidentally liking their new bae's pic

  • 9. You don't have to see their face ever again... like literally!

  • 10. All good memories of them can become a distant memory

  • 11. Most importantly... you can finally focus on you!!!

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    Make a move... forwards!

    If its his, her, our even your fault, or it just came out of the blue. No matter the how it eventually went down, before you start turning your Saturday nights into ex stalkathons – you should unfollow/block/delete them INSTANTLY.

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    Find the ultimate reasons why you should consider following up to our ‘unfollow your ex’ move in our picture gallery above.

    Wednesday, 10. August 2016