23 Questions From "The Hills" That Have Totally Gone Unanswered

  • 23 questions that somehow gone unanswered from The Hills >>>

  • 1. What happened to Heidi’s dog Bella?

  • 2. And what about Lauren’s cat?

  • 3. Does Justin Bobby still wear combat boots to the beach?

  • 4. What happened to Jordan and his mate Brian, from season one?

  • 5. Will Beidi be throwing Enzo his 21st Birthday party?

  • 6. Does Spencer still gather energy from crystals?

  • 7. Has Stacie the bartender mastered the perfect Old Fashioned yet?

  • 8. Does truth and time still really tell all?

  • 9. Were Lauren and Whitney Teen Vogue’s only interns?

  • 10. Does Lisa love still call Lauren 'the girl that didn’t go to Paris'?

  • 11. When Whitney was promoted why did she still work in the intern closet?

  • 12. How come no one ever talked about Lauren when she left the show even though lo lived with her?

  • 13. Did Kristin ever even go to Europe after she moved there?

  • 14. How come they were always in Les Deux even though they weren’t 21?

  • 15. How come Steph’s mate Roxie suddenly appeared in The City with Whitney?

  • 16. Why did Lauren even let Heidi come to the Teen Vogue party?

  • 17. Did Spencer ever go on male birth control?

  • 18. Does Heidi’s Mom thinks she looks good yet?

  • 19. Did Jen Bunney ever admit she did something shady?

  • 20. Did Brody and Lauren really just cuddle on the sofa?

  • 21. Did Stephanie ever learn how to answer a phone?

  • 22. Does Kelly Cutrone still wear only black?

  • 23. And did Stephanie ever learn the difference between a hamster and a guinea pig?

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    We. Need. Answers. NOW!

    Hands down – if it wasn’t for The Hills we would definitely missed out on some valuable life lessons, the MOST epic quotes (‘I want to forgive you, and I want to forget you’) and of course six amazeballs seasons with the coolest squad ever.

    >>> Watch: The Hills

    BUT still, after having the most epic time with LC & Co., we’ve strangely been left behind with more than one unanswered, most probably life changing questions…

    It’s nearly as if we’ve got any beef with the entire squad…?! What have we done wrong LC?

    We. Need. Answers. ASAP.

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    Tuesday, 09. August 2016