Twerk It: As Told By Sereina Williams

And she's only "warming-up"...!

You’ve always dreamed about to learn how to twerk, ever since Miley Cyrus mastered the move at the 2013 VMAs or you simply ‘just’ desperately want to reenact Sereina Williams’ killer moves from queen Bey's ‘Sorry’ video?

Then it’s totes the time to feel lucky y’all, ’cause the mastress herself aka Sereina Williams took duty to teach everyone how to twerk, in a very simple dance step-by-step video, together with Self magazine.

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BTW this is just a casual side project Sereina tackled ahead of competing for her sixth gold medal at the Rio Olympics #EASYPEASY.

From warm-up to basic shaking, to the actual little twerk, Sereina’s patiently walking us through the whole process.

‘Everyone does twerking, everyone should at some point do a twerk,’ the Tennis star advises.

It’s official: As long as Sereina’s still tWERKing it, twerking will never go out of style.


Friday, 05. August 2016