Everyone Sob: Kim Kardashian's Last Blackberry Bold Died

Is this world's end?

Brace yourself everyone as we’ve got some pretty devastating news on a very TGIF-like Friday like this…

Kim Kardashian’s very last Blackberry Bold has died – for good, and seemingly the end of the world is here. At least for Kimmy.

We defy you stars!

Until this very moment, the reality show star used her iPhone for selfies and Snapchat, and her BlackBerry for work as well as sorting her busy schedule.

Kim even admitted to bulk buying this particular phone years ago, so she can ALWAYS have both, a BlackBerry and an iPhone in her hand at all times. Because everyone needs two phones, right?!

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After scouring eBay for a replacement with no luck, Kim eventually took to Twitter:

First world problems right there.

We really don’t know how you’re coping Kim, but everything’s going to be alright- hang in there, Kim!

Friday, 05. August 2016