Kylie Jenner's Snapchat Deserves A Gold Medal

  • This is why Kylie Jenner's Snapchat deserves a gold medal >>>

  • 1. She keps us posted on the hottest festival trends.

  • 2. She somehow manages to look weird and sexy at the same time with using the latest filters.

  • 3. She likes to get her friends involved as much as possible.

  • 4. As well as her dogs... who most obvs love wearing cable knit sweaters.

  • 5. She even keps us posted on North's latest adventures, including that mermaid party.

  • 6. Kylie is not afraid to bts of her latest photoshoot, including those weird guys on the side.

  • 7. She also takes us on exclusive not so glammy tours through her Lip Kit factory.

  • 8. She's single handedly keeping the face swap alive.

  • 9. She also somehow manages to look good in laser glasses.

  • 10. We even get to get a look inside her make-up bag.

  • 11. TACO FILTER!!!

  • 12. We especially love the fact to get sneak peek previews... of well, ANYTHING!

  • 13. She's not afraid to show her sister Khloe's true colors either.

  • 14. And AGAIN... sneak peek's galore!

  • 15. She'll use those filter to do bit good too.

  • 16. As well as embarrass her Mum.

  • 17. Basically... KYLIZZLE for life!!!

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    And this is why...!

    It’s no secret, that Kylie Jenner REALLY loves Snapchat, with spending about 99,9% of her lifetime on the App. But Kylizzle isn’t only killing time, she’s really nailing it with each and every snap, video or various filters.

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    Time to give our girl some appreciation for all of her dedication, right?!

    Here are 17 actual reasons why Kylez definitely deserves some kind of gold medal or Snapchat award.

    You go Kylie.

    Friday, 05. August 2016