Ariana Grande Would Literally Do ANYTHING For Her Ponytail

So inspirational!

It’s official: Ariana Grande has literally won at fashion and there’s no doubting it.

It’s not a secret, that Ari is a HUGE fan of the high ponytail aka her signature style. But signature style or not, her favorite look can be challenging at times, especially when it comes to working a baseball cap.

And as there’s no way around it, that Ariana would customize her ponytail, she rather started customizing her baseball cap, with cutting a hole into her hat for her so beloved high ponytail.

This truly deserves a round of applause, everybody,

Needless to say, that us and the internet are loving Ari's bold move, because yes, it might seem a little ridiculous, but it’s also absolutely genius and now we want to do it too.

What a hero.

Wednesday, 03. August 2016