So Bella Thorne got Her Eyebrows Tattooed And Snapchat Was Her Witness

How do we feel about this?

Gather together all of you eyebrow obsessed human beings, as Bella Thorne took her personal eyebrow routine to a whole new level.

Forget threading, forget waxing, because Bella Thorne got her brows tattooed onto her face. Yep, this is not a drill you did read that right: TATTOOED.

Hands down, it did sound a bit scary at first, but after a bit of research it turns out to be an actual nifty way of getting super natural looking brows.

The whole procedure is actually called microblading, and it’s one of the biggest brow maintenance trends at the moment. Microblading essentially involves having tiny hair like strokes tattooed which fill in gaps and alter the shape, making things look way more natural than when you draw things in using a pencil. Plus it’s all done by a specially trained beauty therapist.

Also the process isn’t permanent amongst what tattoos actually are, so even if things were to go wrong – not that they will – it wouldn’t be eternal.

So Bella eventually gave microblading a go to then also capture the entire process on Snapchat. Two hours and some minor discomfort later and VOILA, our gal Bella is trending a bold and beautiful new brow look.

What do you think – yay or nay?

Tuesday, 02. August 2016