This Might Be Kylie Jenner's Most Daring Look Ever

Lace goals all over.

From mermaidy hair colors, skimy swimsuits, blue to black lipsticks and everything in between – Kylie Jenner is a true fashion risk taker at heart.

But her latest look – a semi-sheer, skin tight lace body suit – might just be nothing, we repeat, NOTHING, against her future looks.

Wether Kylie’s totally naked underneath her Balmain lace suit or not – we have a feeling there’s either a nude layer of fabric or some sort of sneaky head-to-toe spanx situation going on under there – it’s still pure fire and hella sexy, sculpted so tightly, that we’re just waiting for a wardrobe malfunction to happen (no offense Kylez).

Either or, there’s no denying that our gal is totally slaying this look! Right?

Tuesday, 02. August 2016