MTV Push: Blossoms

Meet the UK band Blossoms, this months MTV Push Artist.

All born in the same hospital in their hometown of Stockport, UK, with members Tom Ogden (singer) and Joe Donovan (drummer) meeting at the age of just 12, Blossoms are truly an alliance of best friends.

Taking their name from a local pub, Blossoms have very quickly gone from local gigs, to selling out venues in the UK and playing shows around the world.

Whilst their reputation and fanbase has developed rapidly, the band have remained grounded and even still rehearse in the warehouse of Charlie Salt’s (bassist) grandfather’s scaffolding business. But with the global shows coming thick and fast, and their self-titled debut album set for release in August, there really is a feeling of powerful momentum behind them at the moment. This British quintet are about to explode!

Stay tuned with MTV Push for more news with and around Blossoms throughout August.

Monday, 01. August 2016