Forget Flower Crowns, Mermaid Crowns Are Our New Festival Obession

Even Arielle would envy us.

Summer = festival season = flower crowns – and there’s actually no way around them!

BUT if you’re after some new head-wear-gear this ‘late’ summer, then mermaid crowns might just be made for you.

These shell-encrusted beauties are the brain-child of Chelsea Shiels, a 27-year-old florist from Australia.

She told how she came up with the idea.

Saying: ’I’ve always wanted to be Ariel, under the sea.’

’I’m a real beach bum. That was where my obsession with the sea and shells came from.’

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Chelsea kept her mermaid crown making hobby private for a while, but has recently launched them on Instagram.

Adding: ‘I thought people would think it was dumb to put shells on your head.’

Aren’t they stunning and the absoulut perfect accessory for our mermaid hair goals? We defo think so!

Find details of how to get your own mermaid crown in Chelsea's Etsy shop.

Monday, 01. August 2016