'Fingermouthing': The Hottest New Trend On Instagram

T-Rex hands are so yesterday...

First it was the duckface, then the fish gape until the T-rex hand pose came along…

As if all of these poses weren’t enough Instagram selfie poses to choose from, another one has now popped up on the scene: FINGERMOUTHING.

And thankfully, it’s not actually as rude as it sounds.

To simply break it down for you: You dangle your fingers in front of your mouth – provocatively making it look like your hand has just been carelessly caught in the photo – when its actually been totally calculated all along.

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When Kylie Jenner first admitted that her personal ‘Fingermouthing’ move was more of a habit, having rather to do with an insecurity than being sexy, others quickly adopted the trend, simply because it looks super seductive and also helps to frame your face.

PHEW- who knew selfie taking was such an art…

Thursday, 28. July 2016