Ring The #Chaz Alarm: Char and Gary Have Been 'Secretly Messaging'

What does this all mean?!

Wait what?! Hold on a sec…

Charlotte Crosby and Gaz Beadle have apparently ‘secretly messaging’ been each other and we cannot quite cope!

Our all-time fave Geordie Shore on/off lovebirds, reportedly haven’t been able to stay away since their split in May, with a source stating there’s still hope yet.

Chaz revival? We’re so in!

‘It’s all very early days but they’ve started talking and messaging again in secret which is a massive step. A lot happened and some of it’s still raw, but right now they’re just happy to have each other back in their lives. Everything is on a friends basis right now,’ they said.

Adding: ‘There have been no talks of anything like that just yet but she knows the door is always open and Gary would welcome her with open arms.’


Wednesday, 20. July 2016