Ariana Grande's Snapchat Version Of 'Into You' Is Pure Gold

Featuring Jimmy Fallon.

When you thought that the puppy filter might just the best thing that has happened to – at least Snapchat wise – wait for Ariana Grande's and Jimmy Fallon’s very own version of the pop singers smash hit ‘Into You’.

As if the song on it’s own isn’t a total banger already, our gal Ari and Jimmy Fallon teamed up for a very different music video version of ‘Into You’, using every possible Snapchat filter that actually exists.

Their concept: the pair just re-recorded a few parts of the song in selfie mode on Snapchat with different filters. So along with some beautifully timed rainbow vomit, there’s also enough use of the puppy, the toast and the flower crown lenses to warm all of our Snapchat hearts.

Watch the full video below:

Friday, 15. July 2016